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For us, cooking is more than just our job

-it is our passion

When we bought the pension 10 years ago, it was in a condition that did not meet our expectations. Within 10 years we have turned the "ruin" into a hotel where we feel comfortable and welcome our guests. As the facility changed, so did the kitchen. Our culinary direction specializes in high-quality German and Italian cuisine. In order to guarantee constant change, two generations cook together in this kitchen, father and son, hand in hand, to always be one step ahead, but still not to lose the mission statement and the culinary art. In order to keep the quality of the products and the dishes high, we go to Dresden several times a week to get the best products for you.

Due to the fresh and elaborate preparation, we always offer a 3-course menu, which we hope will inspire you. Your menu could be accompanied by a Saxon wine from Schloss Wackerbarth or a cool Pilsner Urquell. So that there is variety, we constantly switch between fish and meat. We are always open to the wishes of our guests and are happy to meet them.


a small presentation of dishes

Breaded mushrooms on a salad bouquet with a lemon-balsamic vinegar reduction, next to homemade tartar sauce

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